Custom Engraved Device Covers: Over 100,000 Completed

May 25, 2020 | Device Covers, Engraved Signs

custom engraved wall plate collage

At Action Engraving and Signage, we engrave device covers, electrical switch plates and outlet covers to meet the requirements of your particular job. We engrave plates that are installed in many commercial buildings such as data centers, hospitals and office buildings. Some of our wall plate engraving work can be seen in hospitals all over the country. The wall plates we engrave are for new construction and renovations. Stainless steel and plastic cover plates are engraved, engraved and color filled, or etched to fulfill permanency requirements for identifying circuits such as those connected to emergency backup power.

Engraved Plates for Electrical Contractors

We are an excellent choice for electrical contractors nationwide. We engrave device covers and ship directly to the electrical contractor, whether shipping is to the project onsite or to the electrical contractor office. We ship with tracking, so you always know where your engraved plates are, and can be confident they are on time so your project is not delayed. This is especially important when there is an inspection scheduled, and the engraved wall plates must be installed to pass inspection and meet code.

Engraved Device Covers for Electrical Supply Distributors

Action Engraving is also a trusted partner for many electrical supply houses and electrical supply distributors that have customers who needs outlet boxes and wall plates engraved before the can be delivered to the electrical contractor. In many cases, we engrave the device covers for a distributor’s client, and ship the engraved plates directly to the customer’s job site on the electrical supplier’s behalf. This keeps the electrical supplier headache-free when it comes to engraving wall plates for their electrical contractor customers.

Experience Engraving Wall Plates

For over 20 years, we have engraved device covers including switch plates, outlet covers, and other receptacle covers. Hundreds of electrical contractors all over the country rely on use for engraving wall plates. Dozens of electrical supply distributors nationwide trust us to engrave device covers for their clients.

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