Engraved Brass Tags for Industrial Use

Apr 29, 2024 | Engraved Signs

engraved brass circular tags with drilled holes

The clarity and durability of identification tags are crucial in industrial environments. We specialize in brass tag engraving, a material favored for its durability and readability under harsh conditions. Our expertise ensures that each tag supports safety and efficiency in any industrial setting.

Why Brass Tags?

Brass is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures and does not spark, making it safe for high-risk areas. Its golden color enhances visibility and readability, essential for preventing operational errors.

Advanced Engraving Techniques

We focus on modern engraving techniques to deliver precise and long-lasting results. Our engraving methods are ideal for creating clear, detailed marks like high-resolution serial numbers and logos, all without physical contact that could stress the material.

Tailored Solutions

We understand and anticipate the unique needs of different industries, crafting each tag to meet specific standards such as MIL-SPEC, ANSI, and ISO. Whether it’s custom shapes or sizes, our tags are designed for seamless integration into your operation.

Broad Industry Expertise

Our experience covers a wide array of sectors, including aerospace, oil, and maritime. This diverse background enables us to offer effective, knowledgeable service regardless of project complexity.


We continuously advance our techniques to keep pace with industry developments, ensuring our clients receive superior quality tags. As experts in brass tag engraving, we don’t just mark materials; we provide dependable solutions that enhance communication and safety in critical workplaces. Trust us to deliver exceptional tags tailored to your industrial needs.


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