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Legend plates and motor controls are engraved to meet your the exact specifications for your project. Your legend plates can be engraved on the front or reverse engraved and paint filled. Legend plate materials includes engraved UV resistant plastic, engraved or printed acrylic, engraved or etched aluminium, engraved or etched brass, engraved stainless steel, and other options. Plastic is commonly used for labeling electrical systems, control consoles and general signage, while stainless steel is chemically resistant and more often used where wash down is often required or there is exposure to harsher environmental factors. Our engraved legend plates have been used in hundreds of indoor and outdoor facilities across the country. Whether you have a detailed spec, drawings or simply want to use previous projects as a template to make your legend plates, we provide quality legend plates that meet your specifications with fast service . Below, see photos of a small sample of the legend plates we have created for businesses that depend on us.

  • Engraved Control Panel Labels and Legend Plates
  • Multiple mounting options including industrial quality tape for indoor and outdoor enviornments
  • Legend plates in 30mm and 22mm sizes and custom sizes
  • Quality plastic, aluminum, brass, acrylic or stainless steel

Get your engraved panel labels from us for dependable service and perfect panel labels with no headaches .

This represents a small sampling of our experience and capabilities.
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Aluminum and black push button legend plate - black letters circular cut out with tick marks
Aluminum and black push button engraved legend plate- black letters with tick marks
Engraved yellow plastic push button legend plate with black letters and custom circular cut out
Black engraved aluminum motor control with white letters and custom curved shape
Black plastic motor control engraved plate with white letters and tick marks
White engraved plastic push button legend plate with black letters and circular cut out
Engraved black plastic label for a push button legend engraved with white letters
Engraved red legend plate – your graphics included or we can create graphics for you
Red aluminum push button engraved legend plate with black letters circular cut out

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