Custom School Safety Signs Without the Scare

Jun 22, 2020 | Decals & Stickers

custom school safety signs

Greg Abbot, the Governor of Texas, recently said all Texas schools are given the go ahead to open in mid-August.
There are quite a few details still up in the air, but one thing is for sure, schools will need to get the word out on how they’re operating in attempts to combat COVID-19. It’s hard to imagine elementary school students being greeted on the first day of school with signs that are necessary but scary.

Custom Printed Floor Decals

But if we can be conscientious about the signs in the schools, we can keep students safer without the scare.
Above are examples of school safety signs we created. They are custom printed vinyl floor decal. What student wouldn’t want to stand in the shoes of their school mascot?

  • Other decals and safety signs encourage safety while increasing school spirit.
  • Make following the new procedures a team effort.
  • Keep the school a place for learning and not a place to be scared of.

Contact Action Engraving to get a mock up of this decal for your school and reach out to get information on signs we create for all surfaces and areas.

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