Engraved Labels Material Options

When you need engraved labels, material options usually include plastic, stainless steel or another metal like aluminum or brass, and are engraved with a combination of characters (letters, numbers or symbols) dictated by our customer. Considerations for label material choice include whether the label will be placed in an indoors or outdoor environment, the requirement for the color of the label and the color of the lettering, the surface the engraved label – whether it be metal, plastic, glass, wood ceramic or another surface, and resiliency requirements in the job specification.

Plastic Labels Engraved

Because quality is so importing to all of us with Action Engraving, all of our labels are made from UV resistant plastic material at no extra charge, making them excellent for indoor or outdoor Use. In addition there are over a dozen color choices for engraved plastic labels. Our customers use our plastic labels for general manufacturing and labeling electrical systems, control consoles and many other types of signage. Our plastic labels are a good fit for commercial and light industrial applications because they are more flexible than metal tags. We get the information to engrave on plastic labels from from job specs, spreadsheets, emails, and sometimes hand written.

engraved labels made from plastic

Stainless Steel Engraved Tags

Our engraved Stainless Steel labels have a very high resistance to chemicals and can handle the solvents and abrasion of frequent wash downs either indoor or outdoors. The marking on engraved stainless steel can be black or paint filled with color, usually red.

Stainless Steel Engraved Labels with Drill Holes

Other Metal Labels Engraved

Engraved anodized aluminum labels are often used for identification in indoor environments. Engraved brass labels are more often used for outdoor purposes like hydraulic systems and marine use because brass labels better stand up to weather.

engraved painted aluminum label sign

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Engraved Stainless Steel Device Covers the Right Way

Most engraved stainless steel wall plates are often recommended for use in food processing plants, dairies, chemical plants, and other industrial, institutional, and commercial applications where corrosive atmospheres exist as they are made from an alloy that has superior resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel device covers can be eengraved up to 5 ­gangs high and 10­ gangs wide.

After the stainless steel device covers are engraved, they are re-packaged in protective film, together with their finish-matching screws and we take special care when shipping engraved steel wallplates as they can scratch and dent if not carefully packaged.

Types of Engraved Stainless Steel Device Covers

We engrave many types of stainless steel device covers and box covers, including switch plates, single and duplex receptacles, Decora, GFI, and more.

How we Engrave Stainless Outlet and Switchplate Covers

Laser engraving stainless steel device covers, wallplates, outlet covers, or receptacle covers, requires a marking agent that’s applied to the stainless steel to be engraved. The laser then hits the the steel and results in permanent black markings. When engraving multi-gang stainless steel plates, the area over each gang available for a line of text.

What we watch out for when engraving device covers

Attention is required when engraving stainless steel device covers because the mounting holes take up more area than is usually perceived. Engraving on the curved portion of the device cover results in a marking that is less readable and therefore less desirable. Modifications to the font, size or kerning of the characters can ensure that the markings are easily readable.

Engraving Wall Plates from Stainless Steel

This video shows how we engrave stainless steel receptacle covers

Stainless Steel Engraving Projects

We are experts in engraving device covers for hospitals, who have requirements for circuits with back up power and engraving switch plates for hospitals too. We have engraved stainless steel device covers for many hospitals including:

Texas Health Specialty Hospital
Regency Hospital of North Dallas
Plano Specialty Hospital
Parkland Memorial Hospital
John Peter Smith Hospital
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Charlton Medical Center
Legacy Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
Professional Perimeter Behavioral Hospital
and many more.

Why Our Stainless Steel Engraving is the Best

We engrave stainless steel device covers and wall plates sourced by our clients and delivered to us, and we have also sourced them for our clients and engraved the device covers then delivered or shipped to our client.

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